KideoCall invites 3 to 11-year-olds to virtual Estonian language camps

The virtual Estonian language camps aim to bring together kids from all over the world in order to cultivate their interest in the Estonian language through engaging activities, provide ample opportunities to practice and enhance their communication skills, and foster a stronger cultural bond with Estonia. 

These virtual camps are designed for children with Estonian heritage living abroad, as well as kids residing in Estonia who speak a different language at home.

The Estonian language camps take place via video call and are conducted by experienced KideoCall coaches. Virtual camps are suitable for 3 to 11-year-olds with different Estonian language skills. Small groups (up to 4 kids) are formed based on age, language skills, and time zones.

We will meet on 4 or 5 consecutive days, each camp session lasts 50 minutes. The parent does not have to take part in the activities but can focus on other activities in the next room.

Children do not need to sit still for long periods – the smaller the children, the more mobile the activities.

In the camp sessions, we do hands-on and playful activities such as arts and crafts, role-playing, musical activities, activities about Estonian culture and customs, and movement games. The activities are chosen according to the children’s interests, and we incorporate repetition of the themes/vocabulary of the previous day.

Children in the virtual Estonian language camps can:

  • Explore the Estonian language and culture through fun activities.
  • Gain confidence in speaking Estonian in a supportive environment.
  • Practice language skills and improve vocabulary through games.
  • Engage in small groups (up to 4 children) to be heard and actively involved.
  • Make Estonian friends and learn about life and culture in Estonia.
  • Hear our coaches speak diverse Estonian and listen to other children speaking.
  • Receive visual support (e.g., pictures, imitations) and assistance from coaches in English, Russian, or German (depending on the group).

Virtual Estonian language camps have been created based on the experience of online language learning playgroups that we conduct year-round. The curriculum for KideoCall’s educational online playgroups has been developed and tested in collaboration with Tallinn University. We have conducted over 1300 virtual sessions with 300 children.


December 25-29 (or Dec. 26-29);

January 1-5 (or Jan. 2-5)

Choose dates and times to sign up your kids.




4 days x 50 minutes


5 days x 50 minutes


Attending only one trial session.

With questions or feedback, please contact us at liis@kideocall.com